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A Poem from our Resident Artist

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I used to stand upon the burning deck
Of doubt, indecision and aggravation
The flames around me would lick and fleck
I would ask myself: “Where shall I go on vacation?”

I had been to tourist traps the world o’er
Alas, none of them what they were touted to be
Like a bumble bee from flower to flower
I would roam looking for the place right for me

I had canned Cannes; it was no longer nice in Nice
They no longer stirred my heartstrings; I heard no bells
Nowhere seemed to satisfy my urge for inner peace
Not even exotic faraway places like the Seychelles

But now at last I have finally found respite
In a little hamlet far from the madding crowd
At the foot of mountains that are a World Heritage Site
Where is it? I’ll whisper; I don’t want to say it out loud.

It’s where the only sound is the tinkling of distant sheep
The only care to soak up the sun from head to heel
The only question whether to go for a dip or fall asleep
The only decision what wine to drink at Paola’s four-course meal

So where is this place?  Son Ametler, Selva, Mallorca

Marisa Lecchini

(with a bit of plagiarism from Felicia Hemans and Thomas Hardy)

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