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Im afraid care hire in Mallorca isn't as straightforward as it should be
For car hire, the most important thing whoever you book with is to know exactly what is included, specifically do they charge you for the whole tank of petrol, and at what rate (this can add an extra 60€ to the rental cost), and what insurance is included.
If you are NOT aware of these things,  you end up paying in the end much more than the price they quoted
The "sharp dealers" will try and up-sell you to a bigger car (with a bigger tank, hence more for the petrol) and give you tales of woe if you don't take their own very expensive insurance
If you choose to search on the web for Mallorca car hire, you'll probably get a number of Portals, for example,, and and its very important should you choose one of those you know which company, and how much you will be charged for the points above, are in your "deal":
However, there are a number of companies which are much more honest and easier to deal with: (this one uses a shuttle bus to take you to their centre, not an issue but good to be aware of)
I personally use vanrell, as they have always been honest and the price they quote is always the price you end up paying. If you like I can get a quote for you, but I cant get better prices than you can online! 
Vanrell can also deliver cars to Es Castell if you wish, for a 30€ delivery charge.
and if possible, avoid Goldcar simply as their queues have been very very long in the past.

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